“Qatar Adventure” attracts 7.1 million visits to become one of the fastest growing nation-branded activations on Roblox of all time

DOHA, QATAR, 13 March 2024: “Qatar Adventure” immersive on Roblox received more than 7 million visits during the campaign’s eight-week lifespan, making it one of the most successful nation-branded activations on the platform. The innovative metaverse experience, a first for Qatar, broke all expectations reaching more than 32 countries across four continents from 15 December 2023 to 8 February 2024.

The initiative, a partnership between Q Life, a cultural platform under the State of Qatar’s International Media Office (IMO), and developer Century Games, brought the world back to Qatar, this time virtually, one year on from the Qatar World Cup 2022.

“Qatar Adventure” witnessed high engagement overall, including 3.7 million explorations of the iconic Lusail Stadium, 5.6 million swims at the pearl diving game with whale sharks, and 10.1 million visits to the Katara Towers Hotel.

Visitors also had the opportunity to wear local traditional attire such as the ‘thobe’, ‘bisht’ and ‘abaya’ at a virtual clothing store, which saw over 720,000 visits and 1.29 million try-ons of the digital traditional clothes. At the virtual museum filled with Qatari cultural treasures, there were over 441,000 clicks on descriptions to discover more about Qatar.

Through a smiley face survey available to visitors, 82.5% of respondents reported they enjoyed “Qatar Adventure” and 78.5% said they learned something new about Qatar. 86.8% of respondents said that they would be interested in visiting Qatar and the featured attractions in real life.

Through the various cultural activities, traditional items, and landmarks, Q Life has used interactive technology to reimagine cultural exchange and contribute to building bridges of understanding between Qatar and the world. “Qatar Adventure” highlights the country’s status as a family-friendly destination, showcasing the countless tourist activities available to all.

For media-related inquiries, please contact The International Media Office at media@imo.gov.qa.