Joint Press Statements by His Highness the Amir and German Chancellor

His Highness The Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani underlined that the State of Qatar and Germany aspire to promote their distinguished bilateral relationship in various areas, especially in economy, culture, higher education, and sports. He also affirmed that QatarEnergy and the German energy companies are discussing investment opportunities, noting that the State of Qatar has been planning since years to expand the North Field to meet the growing global demand for gas which has future and has become of great importance.

In joint press statements by HH The Amir and HE Chancellor of the friendly Federal Republic of Germany Olaf Scholz at the Amiri Diwan on Sunday evening. HH The Amir underlined that the State of Qatar is one of the largest investors in Germany; explaining that Qatar Investment Authority continues to explore investment opportunities in Germany, due to Qatar’s great confidence in the German economy. He also expressed his happiness at the increasing demand by the friends in Germany for tickets to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, wishing the German national team success and welcoming them and the German fans to Qatar.

On the regional and international issues, HH The Amir noted that the talks in this regard were frank, and that the two sides affirmed the need to find solutions to all conflicts through dialogue and diplomatic means. HH The Amir underlined that at the end there is no solution unless setting at the negotiation table, and that both sides emphasized the joint Qatari-German approach against the use of force in any form, particularly with regard to the developments in Ukraine. Both sides urged all parties to cease fire as soon as possible and engage in constructive dialogue to end the conflict and resolve differences through peaceful means.

On the Iranian nuclear file, HH The Amir said that he had agreed with HE the German Chancellor on the importance of supporting the efforts to reach an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, noting that the agreement would contribute to enhancing security and stability in the region. HH The Amir looked forward that this would pave the way for a dialogue between the countries of the region in order to achieve regional security.

Regarding the developments in Libya, HH The Amir said that Qatar and Germany affirm their support for the international efforts to complete the political process in Libya, agree on the constitutional basis for elections, and unite the institutions of the Libyan state.

On the peace process in Afghanistan, the two sides stressed the importance of achieving reconciliation among all groups of the Afghan people, and the need to respect human rights, including women’s rights and girls’ right to education. HH The Amir indicated that the situation in Afghanistan requires a joint international approach to develop a road map, pointing to the danger of isolating Afghanistan which could result in adverse effects.

For his part, HE the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described his visit as an important and renewed opportunity to talk with HH The Amir on the bilateral cooperation between Qatar and Germany; noting HH The Amir’s recent visit to Berlin in May, during which they exchanged views on several common important issues.

HE the German Chancellor recalled Qatar’s support for Germany last year, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and its role in evacuating German citizens around the world and returning them to Germany, in addition to evacuating the German citizens from Afghanistan. In this regard, he reiterated his thanks to HH The Amir for those efforts.

HE the German Chancellor pointed to the clear position adopted by the State of Qatar against the war in Ukraine, noting that Qatar and Germany agree on the same position in accordance with the rules of the international system based on coexistence as an international community, while stressing that Germany does not accept any prejudice to the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.

The German Chancellor noted that he had discussed with HH The Amir imports of the liquefied natural gas, looking forward to making more progress in this regard. He also noted continued cooperation with Qatar in the field of hydrogen and electricity production, aspiring for deepening cooperation in other economic fields such as air navigation, modern technology and heavy equipment.

His Excellency added that the talks with HH The Amir also touched on regional relations, praising the Al-Ula Declaration 2021 and the steps undertaken to strengthen the relations and build trust among the GCC countries. He added that the talks also dealt with the developments in Afghanistan. In this regard, the German Chancellor noted, with deep appreciation, the role of the State of Qatar in supporting peace in Afghanistan and the various conflict areas in the region.

HE the German Chancellor added that the talks also reviewed Iran’s regional role and the efforts to restore the Iranian nuclear agreement.

In conclusion, HE the German Chancellor said that the talks also dealt with Qatar’s preparations to host the mega event, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which brings together all football fans in the world; noting that such tournaments and events contribute to increasing peoples understanding and rapprochement.

His Excellency also praised the developments made by the State of Qatar in the workers’ rights system, the sponsorship system, and the great improvement of the workers situation, wishing Qatar success in hosting the FIFA World Cup and the German and Qatari teams’ success in this tournament.