Media Attachés

The International Media Office is based in Qatar and has media offices across the globe. Each office has a Media Attaché who works to cement relations with media and other stakeholders to communicate the priorities of the State of Qatar.

UK Office

Fahad Al Mana, Media Attaché in the United Kingdom

Mr Fahad Al Mana is the Media Attaché for the State of Qatar in the United Kingdom. He is the primary point of liaison with the UK and European media and seeks to ensure that Qatar’s official vision, policies, and state positions are communicated effectively and accurately to the media.

Qatar and the UK are strong and historical allies, and bilateral relations stretch back some 100 years. Both Qatar and the UK seek to continue to collaborate and consolidate their bilateral relations across a variety of areas.



US Office

Ali Al Ansari, Media Attaché in the United States

Mr Ali Al Ansari is the Media Attaché in the United States. He is responsible for highlighting the State of Qatar’s achievements, priorities and initiatives across a variety of areas as well as providing effective and timely responses to US media enquiries and questions.

Qatar and the US established diplomatic relations in 1972 and have grown stronger over the years across various issues, including politics, military, economics, health, culture, and education.


Lebanon Office

Rashid Al-Athba, Media Attaché in Lebanon

Mr Rashid Al-Athba is the State of Qatar’s Media Attaché in Lebanon. He leads engagements and interactions with all regional media and is responsible for highlighting the State of Qatar’s regional achievements and initiatives across fields.

Qatar cooperates closely with Lebanon across diplomatic, economic and development goals, with bilateral ties continuing to strengthen.